Horsehunter 'Horsehunter' CD

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horsehunteralbumcover 2 4000.jpg

Horsehunter 'Horsehunter' CD


HORSEHUNTER 'HORSEHUNTER' . Pre-order begins 3/2/2019, CD SHIPPING MAY2019.

Album 2 from Melbourne's legendary doom metal heroes, Horsehunter. An unforgiving follow up to 2015's critically acclaimed debut, Caged in Flesh. This S/T album comes equipped again, with massive tones and a lumbering vibe along with an underlying hypnotic bleak psychedelia throughout . For fans of High on Fire, Sleep and Baroness, Available 3/2/2019 on Magnetic Eye Records MER077

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Artwork by Jesse Webb

Produced and Engineered by Tigglyfuzz Kokiri (the producer formerly known as Tigran Fuzzmeister)

Co-Engineered by Jon McNichol

Recorded live at Twin Earth Studios, Adelaide.

Overdubbed in various locations around Australia.

Horsehunter was:

Dan Harris - Guitar

Michael Harutyunyan - Guitar & Vocals

Himiona Stringer - Bass Guitar

Nick Cron - Drums