Black Electric - Black Electric

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Black Electric - Black Electric

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Label founder and Ironweed guitarist Mike Vitali delivers a dark and heavy stoner blues debut with his new band Black Electric. Recorded over 4 days this summer and soaked in a swampy fuzzed-out grungy hazy, Black Electric self titled delivers 8 songs filled with equal parts desperation and ecstasy. Recorded by David Tyo at Studio F in Saratoga, NY with Mike Vitali handling vocals, guitar, bass, electric piano and David Tyo on drums and production and engineering duties. Since completing the record Black Electric has assembled into a 5 piece band featuring Mike Langone of Great Day for Up, George Lipscom of Coal Palace Kings, Steward Ball on bass, along with up and coming guitarist Zack Cohen.

Black Electric self titled debut is for fans of Jimi’s Band of Gypsys, Queens of the Stone and ZZ Top alike.


  1. Find You

  2. Lucky

  3. Man

  4. Hard Time Blues

  5. Fade Along

  6. Easy Does It

  7. Love Buzz

  8. Black Record

released August 18, 2019 on MAGNETIC EYE RECORDS

Mike Vitali - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Wurlitzer Electric Piano

David Tyo - Drums, Backing Vocals

Mike Langone - Vocals on track 5 ‘Fade Along’

Recorded at Studio F June/July 2019 | Engineered by David Tyo of Tyo Mixes

Produced by David Tyo and Mike Vitali

All songs by Black Electric | All rights reserved

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Fuzzed stoner blues by Black Electric.

released August 18, 2019

All songs by Black Electric | All rights reserved

Black Electric live is Mike Vitali / Mike Langone / George Lipscom / Zack Cohen / Stew Ball |

Produced and engineered by David Tyo at Tyo Mixes
Mike Vitali - Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Piano
David Tyo - Drums, Percussion and Vocals
Mike Langone - Vocals track 5 ‘Fade Along’