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Hey there!  We've got lots to tell you and only the limits of your patience scrolling through this email to say it in, so let's not waste time.  This is your official Magnetic Eye Records update for the beginning of October, the start of fall, and the midst of a great season for kickass rock.  Jump right in!

THE NOPES Are On Tour and Headed Your Way

Okay, no bullshit now  - The Nopes Never Heard of It just might be the best modern punk rock record you had no idea you were missing.  It's not even officially out yet, but Echoes and Dust (http://echoesanddust.com/2016/09/nopes-never-heard-of-it/) has already said:

"This is the best punk record I’ve heard in ages.  Solid, wall-to-wall sparkly exuberance from a quartet who appear to delight in not giving a single fuck."


Never Heard of It officially drops on Friday, October 14th, but you can pre-order (http://hellanaw.bandcamp.com/album/never-heard-of-it) on CD, digital, or one of four exclusive vinyl variants right now.

We're not gonna waste our space and your time trying to describe their sound - click the player below to hear what the fuss is about!

And check out these knuckleheads on tour at:
* 10/06 (Thur): Eugene, OR @ The Ant House
* 10/07 (Fri): Portland, OR @ The Know
* 10/08 (Sat): Seattle, WA *2 shows - early @ Lucky Liquor Tavern and late @ Victory Lounge
* 10/09 (Sun) Olympia, WA @ Lucky Lanes
* 10/12 (Wed) Boise, ID @ Baby Sale
* 10/13 (Thur) Logan, Utah @ Why Sound
* 10/14 (Fri) Grand Junction, CO @ Baron’s Bar
* 10/15 (Sat) Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
* 10/16 (Sun) Tulsa, OK @ The Yeti
* 10/17 (Mon) Dallas, TX @ Three Links
* 10/18 (Tues) Austin, TX @ Beerland
* 10/19 (Wed) San Antonio, TX @ Faust Tavern
* 10/20 (Thur) El Paso, TX @ The Monarch
* 10/21 (Fri) Phoenix, AZ @ Time Out Lounge
* 10/22 (Sat) San Diego, CA @ Tower Bar
* 10/23 (Sun) Fullerton, CA @ Continental Room
* 10/24 (Mon) San Luis Obispo, CA @ Dustin’s Pace
* 10/30 (Sun) San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill

DOMKRAFT is Coming

Would you believe us if we said that we know who one of your soon-to-be-favorite annihilating post-doom behemoths is?

That's a nice thought, but we're realistic - we are in the business of selling records, after all - so we invite you to trust JJ at The Obelisk (http://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2016/10/05/domkraft-the-end-of-electricity-preorders/) instead:

"I’ve heard Domkraft‘s The End of Electricity, and it crushes. The bass tone? You gotta hear it. Groove, lumbering. Riffs, pummeling. All that stuff that means it’s really, really heavy... it seems entirely likely to me that once people have a handle on what Domkraft are doing, these records could go and go quickly."

Click the player below to hear "The Rift," streaming now on Bandcamp, where you can also pre-order The End of Electricity on one of five glorious formats and vinyl variants.

This record is going to flatten you, and grind your gray matter to bits in the best possible way.  And when it does, and you're enjoying the delicate post-destruction that Domkraft has provided, remember that you weren't sure whether you should trust us.
All Sales 30% Off During October
Thirty percent off ALL ORDERS??  Seriously?!?  Nobody loves pumpkin frickin' spice that goddamn much.

Use the code < oct30off > anytime during the month of October to get, that's right, 30% off your orders.  This code is good until you've got every last record in our catalog, or until our page goes 404 Error due to too many late internet provider payments.  Till then, exploit us.

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