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It's a strange time to be a diehard music fan, because more and more of the musicians who brought us here are dying.  Years back, when we lost Ronnie James Dio, it was incredibly sad, but it did feel kind of inevitable.  A year and a half ago, when Lemmy moved on, it felt like the world changed, because we all really believed he was indestructible.  And now, to say goodbye to Chris Cornell, someone who was young when we were young, it's just too damn soon.

Some of us at Magnetic Eye can trace the impact of Chris's voice through almost three decades of personal life experiences, from first hearing his raw shriek on the
Pump Up The Volume soundtrack all the way to Soundgarden's welcome re-emergence... from college to adult life, Singles to James Bond, in every phase of life since the Reagan presidency, Chris Cornell's songs were part of the soundtrack, and it's shocking to accept that there are no more come.

It's important to find artists who speak to you and stick with them.  If you've been following Magnetic Eye for long, you know that we don't just throw records out there to satisfy an instant gratification craving for volume.  We're looking for the bands that make us feel, deeply and powerfully, the way our all-time favorite artists have always made us feel.  We hope it's obvious when you listen to what we put out, and we hope you've found something in the likes of bands like Summoner, Elephant Tree, Domkraft, etc. that resonates, not only today, but in a lasting way that will secure them a place in your own personal canon.  Every artist, release, and project we put the Magnetic Eye name on starts with this ethic, and we sure hope you feel that.

If you haven't yet... turn the goddamn volume way the fuck UP.
- Jadd and Mike
May 27, 2017
If you had a hard time keeping up with everything we've had going on these past few months, we understand.  The Elephant Tree and Watchtower repressings, the new album from Summoner, the pre-order launch for THE WALL [Redux], the debuts from Ghastly Sound and WhiteNails, new music from The Nopes... we threw a lot at you.  In our defense, we couldn't help it - too much great music needed to find its way into the world, and we had a responsibility to get it there.

For the next few days, we're running a special promotion on our Bandcamp store ( as well as our work-in-progress-but-looking-fucking-great storefront on MerchNow ( .  Use the promo code MEMORIAL15 for 15% off at either store, and catch up on any and all of the new stuff you missed or were hesitating on.  Remember, limited vinyl editions are exactly that:  LIMITED.  When they're gone, they're gone.  Here's a sampling of the gorgeousness we're talking about:
Bottom line, it's a great time to take that plunge and grab a piece of something lasting and tangible that immortalizes some of the brilliant music that should be scoring your life.  These bands need to be heard.  These records need to be played.
Okay, so now that you're caught up on what you might've missed, let's talk about what's brand new and what's coming:

We've told you pretty much every good thing we can about First Trip, the debut album from WhiteNails ( , but forget our opinion - here's what Metal Injection had to say:  "Hailing from the freezing lands of Québec City, Québec, WhiteNails brings the stoner rock with a heavy dose of hypnotic psychedelia, and it's fantastic."

There's a little band you might've heard of from New Jersey who put out three of the most crushingly melodic stoner-groove records of the past 17 years... maybe you're familiar with Solace ( ?  Well, Solace is back with a new singer and new tunes in the form of the "Bird of Ill Omen" digital single, backed with their take on "Electric Funeral."  Pre-order to get this one when it releases on June 9th and hear why Solace has been a pillar of the riff-heavy stoner-doom scene for two decades.

If you like your hardcore a little bit metal and your punk on the brutal side, we've got the thing for you:  Unfortunate Anthems and Songs of No Hope, the new LP from I am become Death, is poised to leave a bloody mark.  Its blend of blast beats, throat-hollowing aggression and blurred-out feedback will provide what's missing in life for fans of Converge, Coalesce and Nails.  Three gorgeous gatefold vinyl variants out June 23rd!
Look, we don't have anything against guitars.  WE LOVE GUITARS.  That said, we can see how our signing of Ghastly Sound, a ripping trio comprised of bass, drums, and vocals, followed by the announcement that we'll be working with Seattle two-piece Year of the Cobra (drums and bass/vocals as well) might make you think otherwise.  Don't be afraid.  Nobody here is pulling a Big Short on the classic six-string.  We just like what we like, and when the band is great, we don't ask questions.  Look for a destructive new EP of glorious, hard-hitting, melodic doom from Year of the Cobra later this year!
* In case you aren't aware, Magnetic Eye has a few different subscription options that get you everything we do as soon as we do it.  Even the entry-level tier is a goddamn steal at $10 per month for every single digital release automatically yours the moment it goes live.  There are more advanced tiers for the serious vinyl-heads as well, but the point is, if you dig what we do and love the idea of getting the absolute pinnacle of heaviness hand-delivered to you first, don't waste a moment checking out the options right here ( .
* We've been telling you about our new storefront at MerchNow for a little while now.  It's almost where we want it to be, but we didn't want to wait to let you know about another big piece of news:  The Obelisk Pick.  That's right, Magnetic Eye Records has partnered up with The Obelisk, widely agreed to be the central hub for up-to-the-minute news and communications on the latest and most interesting musical developments across the stoner, doom, and psych underground.  We're excited to offer hand-picked selections from Obelisk founder JJ Koczan, in which he highlights a great band or release that we, in our effort to help elevate the profiles of deserving artists, will make available in our store.  The first of these is available now, so head over to take a look ( and see what you think.  We welcome any feedback and will be adding more non-Magnetic Eye artists and records to our Curated Catalog in the coming months, not to mention
crazy clothing options like this shirt, so take a look around and feel free to let us know what you think!
* Lastly, you may be aware that Magnetic Eye Records is also affiliated with the wonderfully irresistible Cats on Amps brand.  Who doesn't love a cute photo of an adorable kitten shredding a practice amp?  Anyway, if you're a fan or follower, you might be interested in the new Kickstarter to create a limited edition Cats on Amps photo book and 2018 Calendar, currently live and accepting pledges right here ( .

Just another note about THE WALL [REDUX], the big project that many of you already supported by pre-ordering via our Kickstarter a few months back.  We keep bringing this up because, well, because it's going to be fucking incredible.

We keep getting little notes from the bands involved, such as:

"Good news!  We arranged the songs last weekend and turned them into Greenleaf songs... they will turn out great when we record them!" - Tommi/Greenleaf

"We have worked out a pretty cool interpretation that we are all pretty excited about. It was not the easiest song to keep true and still bring some of our flavor, but we are happy with how things are turning out so far!" - Taylor/WhiteNails

"We are starting work on these songs and getting excited... can't wait to get cracking!" - Jillian/Ruby the Hatchet

We want to make sure you know that it's still possible to get in on the limited first edition, if by some chance you didn't during the Kickstarter.  Reserve yours via our website at (
if hearing artists like The Melvins, ASG, Pallbearer, and our own Summoner, Domkraft and Ghastly Sound re-imagining the classic Floyd album from end to end sounds like your bag, baby.  It's going to be something phenomenal.

As always, thanks for reading!  Any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch at ( for anything whatsoever.
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