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Electric Ladyland [Redux] Gatefold 2xLP
New Sea Blue with Bone and Oxblood Splatter Repressing

Without doubt, 2017 has been a year that, though yielding some phenomenal music, also put some serious effort into killing off too many of our rock 'n roll heroes. 

The wonderful thing about records is that, no matter how many musicians we lose, when they go, or how their work changed over time, we'll always have those vital, tangible slabs of wax cut deep with the songs that have defined and soundtracked our lives. 

As we head into the final few weeks of December, do us (and yourself) a favor and revisit some of your favorite records, whether from this year or three decades past. 

Those records brought us here, they keep us here, and we're pretty sure they'll still be here when we're long gone.

Happy Holidays,

Magnetic Eye Records
December 6, 2017


Ten months after, according to New Noise Magazine, "Ghastly Sound came seemingly from nowhere to release one of the most exciting EPs of the year," a blistering debut Metal Hammer called, "furious but freewheeling sludge rock with massive tunes," the Burlington, Vermont threesome has re-surfaced to drop their second EP of 2017, The Bottom.

In the words of Echoes and Dust, the 5 monster tunes on this new slab offer "the visceral oomph of hardcore, with a metallic edge and a sprinkling of 1990s punk anthemic melody wrapped up in Unsane-style noise rock. So what to call it?  How about just 'outstanding'?"

All of this courtesy of a band that, in case you'd forgotten, is driven solely by drums, vocals and bass - no guitars whatsoever.

The Bottom EP drops digitally on December 15th, and can be preordered

So you're neck deep in holiday festivities (maybe) or working your butt off (likely) and have little time to think about shopping for yourself or anyone else.  We get it.  So let us help.

As mentioned last time we talked, we made sure to be ready this season, pressing and printing furiously to get a massive supply of slipmats, t-shirts, and some of our all-time favorite (and most popular) records on hand, not to mention the endlessly beloved Cats on Amps 2018 Calendar.

Just to re-cap some of the highlights:

- First edition copies of our 2017 releases, including:

  • Summoner 'Beyond the Realm of Light''
  • Low Flying Hawks 'Genkaku'
  • Ghastly Sound 's/t'
  • Year of the Cobra 'Burn Your Dead'



- Limited Edition Slipmats

  • Dale Sarok Hendrix design
  • Amos Basilo's Cats on Amps Jawa design

- New repressings of some of our most beloved albums:

  • Elephant Tree 's/t'
  • Domkraft 'The End of Electricity'
  • Electric Ladyland [REDUX] 



- Limited Edition T-Shirts

  • Dale Sarok Jimi Hendrix design
  • Henry Bennett Mushroom Wonderland Magnetic Eye design

- The 2018 Cats on Amps Calendar (featured in Treble Magazine's exclusiveHoliday Gift Guide)

- Or consider a Magnetic Eye Records Bandcamp subscription to give your favorite heavy music fan (even if that's yourself) all the new music we release the moment we release it!  (details here)

Also bear in mind that in addition to our tried-and-true Bandcamp store, we're also operating our own store on with the occasional item that's not sold out elsewhere... some of the links above go there as well, so check out both while you're scrolling and swiping these next couple weeks!

Lastly, we want to quickly highlight all the amazing bands we worked with in 2017. ..

To our peerless roster who released staggeringly killer records and played shows everywhere from record shops to titanic festivals across several continents this year:  Summoner, Elephant Tree, Domkraft, Watchtower, Year of the Cobra, The Nopes, Low Flying Hawks, Ghastly Sound, WhiteNails, Sunflo'er, and I Am Become Death, we salute you! 

There were also a handful of bands we got involved with who aren't part of our roster, but who we nevertheless found common ground with and enthusiastically shared with you heavy music listeners of discriminating taste...

We're talking about bands like Daxma, Somnuri, Young Hunter, Howling Giant, Olde, Shroud Eater, and Wounded Giant.  We felt nothing but honor and pride at the opportunity to be associated with these bands and the records they made, and hope you had the chance to check out every one of them! 


We plan to continue this trend of leveraging our resources to help more bands than just those we sign in 2018, and believe (hope?) that every one of the staggeringly brilliant outfits on that list would give us a glowing reference.

With that in mind, if you're in a band, are friends with one, or know one in need of the kind of help a quality record label can provide, don't hesitate tomake contact.  It's entirely possible that even if our roster doesn't have room in the new year, there may be something we can do to assist.

Till then, we leave you with wishes of food, drink and volume all exceeding safe levels this holiday season.  We'll be right there with you!

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