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LOW FLYING HAWKS "GENKAKU" (splatter variant)
(One of the killer records on sale right now on our Bandcamp store - discount code malcolm20)

AC/DC co-founder and anchoring songwriter Malcolm Young died Saturday.

Sometime that freezing night, every leaf on our giant cottonwood tree fell off.  The backyard looked like the leafy version of that eerie movie scene where all the dead fish wash up on the beach.  Even huge, healthy trees aren't immune to the melancholy of so many musical legends leaving us these days, I guess.

Lots of folks deal with deaths like Malcolm's by sharing stories and remembrances... others think it's the perfect time to tell you that the artist or band sucked anyway.

You don't have to be a fan of AC/DC, or Soundgarden, or The Heartbreakers, but hey, shut up while those of us who are say goodbye to the architects of some of the greatest rock tunes EVER, would ya?

Us here?  We're fans.

Let there be rock.
Magnetic Eye Records
November 20, 2017
In honor of the colossal legacy of Malcolm Young, we invite you to take 20% OFF ANYTHING in our Bandcamp store ( with the discount code malcolm20.

So before you blow a fortune on a Black Friday iPhone or remote-control drone, take this opportunity to fill out your collection or add to a friend's.
This sale covers everything we've got, including:

- Jimi Hendrix and Magnetic Eye T-Shirts
- Limited Edition Slipmats (Hendrix and Cats on Amps Jawa design)
- First edition copies of our 2017 releases:
* Summoner 'Beyond the Realm of Light''
* Low Flying Hawks 'Genkaku'
* Ghastly Sound 's/t'
* Year of the Cobra 'Burn Your Dead'

- Brand-new repressings of some of our most beloved albums:
* Elephant Tree 's/t'
* Domkraft 'The End of Electricity'
* Electric Ladyland [REDUX]

- The 2018 Cats on Amps Calendar, which Treble Magazine just featured in its exclusive Holiday Gift Guide ( , where they said, "The combination of half-stacks and fluffy friends should melt any rocker’s heart."

Don't hesitate - the sale ends November 30th.  With any luck, we won't lose any more icons in the meantime.

MER Bandcamp:
You may as well get used to hearing us talk about THE WALL [REDUX], because it's pretty much the most exciting thing we've done since the launch of this label.  Every time another band sends in their track, we look at each other and go, "OH MY FUCKING GOD, DUDE!"

Unfortunately, we can't keep leaking tunes from this amazing project or there would be nothing left for the official release.  However, you can make sure you're one of the first to get your hands on the limited first edition by pre-ordering here ( .

What, you're just hearing about this?  And you don't know who's on it?

Check out this list of just some of the highlights:

ASG.  Sasquatch.  Greenleaf.  Domkraft.  THE goddamn MELVINS.  Solace.  Mos Generator.  Mars Red Sky.  And we have it on good authority that SCOTT friggin' REEDER is pulling something together.

Any Anthony Bourdain fans out there?  See the Seattle episode Sunday night when he called Mark Lanegan, "One of the greatest living singers of our generation?"  Yeah, Lanegan will be on this record too.

We've been saying it, and we'll keep saying it:  this is gonna be big.

Here, once again, is an audio teaser of some of the tracks that have already come in to give you an idea:
A medley of clips from the first completed batch of finished tracks from the forthcoming THE WALL [Redux] double album in 2018.
We at Magnetic Eye Records know it's weird and a little dangerous out there these days, and would never judge you for thinking about staying inside with a well-spiked beverage and a stack of your favorite records by the turntable.

(We'd probably do that nonstop for the next six weeks if we could.)

Here's to a safe, chaos-free, music-filled holiday season!

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