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Domkraft destroying the Vinyl Stage at Psycho Las Vegas 2017

Between tropical storms, eclipses, ice sheets breaking and a week in Las Vegas, we hardly know what season it is anymore, let alone what month.  If it really is the end of Summer (as we suspect), we hope you're staying safe and dry, as something tells us we're looking ahead to a wet, gloomy autumn.  Thankfully, we've got the perfect soundtrack for that.
Before we get cranking, we've got a pretty big announcement:

For years, we've received literally hundreds of submissions a month from bands looking for help getting their music out there.  As a highly selective label with a lean roster of bands who receive our full dedication, we aren't able to work with even a fraction of the artists we wish we could.  But now we've got a way to help more of them.

In collaboration with the Cats on Amps social media phenomenon and design wizard Mark Valkwitch of The Quilted Squirrel Agency, we're assisting in the launch of a new Digital Distribution and Artist Services Platform called Cats on Amps DigiDistro.

This platform will allow self-sufficient bands to leverage the resources and knowledge of Magnetic Eye Records and our distribution partners to get their music into every major (and minor) digital download and streaming store worldwide, launch full PR campaigns, be considered for synchronization licensing opportunities, set up and manage their publishing, and yes, manufacture their records on irresistibly sweet high-quality vinyl.  For more info, check out Cats on Amps DigiDistro here ( , where you'll see the range of options being offered.

What is comes down to is, if you're a band who has already the done the heavy lifting (writing and recording a killer record) and you want to make sure that lack of access to the right channels and resources doesn't hinder it reaching as many ears as possible, Cats on Amps DigiDistro might be exactly the partner to help.

The photo at the top of this newsletter is just one chapter in the story of four Magnetic Eye bands who demolished in set after killer set at Psycho Las Vegas this year.  In fact, we'll go on record in saying that Summoner, Elephant Tree, Domkraft and Year of the Cobra couldn't possibly have delivered more gloriously on the hopes and expectations of all in attendance.  You know that feeling when warm waves of sonic energy are vibrating through your chest in the most exhilarating way, and you realize you're watching and hearing one of the most colossal live performances of your life?  It was like that... over and over again.

With that in mind, the great news is that Year of the Cobra's simmering new EP Burn Your Dead is now available for preorder on multiple stunning vinyl variants plus CD and digital.  They'll head out again in September and October to flex these new songs on the road, so don't miss the chance to grab one of the highly limited first editions right here ( .

For that matter, all the bands who played Psycho have killer records out that you may or may not already own, but if you don't, this is the time to catch up on Summoner's Beyond the Realm of Light and Phoenix, Domkraft's The End of Electricity, and Elephant Tree's Theia and their incomparable self-titled full-length.

We knew these records were all milestones when they came out, and now that we've seen the bands dominate at arguably the most massive stoner/doom festival in North America, we have no problem shamelessly telling you what you're missing if you don't own them.

We'd also encourage all of you who were lucky enough to see these bands at Psycho to let them know how you felt.  Email the bands directly or email us (!) and we'll pass your words along, because if you had anything like the transcendent experiences we had getting pummeled by them over and over again, we're sure you'd love to tell them so.

All of the records above (and more) are currently available from the Magnetic Eye Records Bandcamp shop ( in numerous formats and variants.

From now until September 9th, use promo code endofsummer (all lower case) to get 20% off your order while you grabbing these iconic albums!

We don't want to bombard you with too much information right before what is (we hope) a relaxing holiday weekend, but really quick:

In case you missed it, the new album from enigmatic duo Low Flying Hawks, Genkaku (Japanese for “hallucination”), is here ( .  Released last Friday, this is the brand-new slab of atmospheric, seismic psych-doom featuring drummer Dale Crover (The Melvins) and bassist Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle) alongside multi-instrumentalists EHA and AAL, and it's overflowing with tectonic guitar dirges and simmering intensity.  And if you happened to see us hawking merch at Psycho Las Vegas, you may've heard us mention that Melvins frontman King Buzzo also  lends his incomparable vocals to two of the album’s most powerful tunes.  Don't hesitate!

Sure to be a best-of-2017 contender, order Genkaku here ( or here ( and check out their video for the song "Space Wizard" (featuring Buzzo) via Popmatters right here:
That feels like more than enough to talk about for now... we'll see you in September!

Till then...

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