Greetings riff mongers, vinyl nerds, metal freaks and heavy rock fanatics!  You're among friends now...
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Ever feel like you just can't keep up?  Discovering new music is supposed to be fun and rewarding... and we'll help keep it that way by giving you the lowdown on what's new in MER's world.  Disclaimer: this *will not* help you stay current on politics, sports, or all the new Netflix shows you need to check out.  But hey, at least you'll know what to jam while you're scrolling!
Inarguably, MER'S first milestone signing was Summoner.  That's not just our take; these guys came charging onto the scene with their massive, blistering psych-metal riffage and made thousands of converts and sold out multiple vinyl pressings in no time.

And now (as if you haven't heard), they're back with their latest album, Beyond the Realm of Light.  It's a majestic hero's journey into dark realms and dangerous places that, naturally, is offered in multiple vinyl editions, designed with great care and available in extremely limited quantities.

Ready to hear some tunes and find out what we've all been waiting for?  Check out this phenomenal promo trailer to tantalize your ears with a taste of what the new record is all about.  Or hit up the player below to rock the first single, New Sun!


Welcome to Québec Rock City, where five friends from the music and tattoo scenes plus one cross-country transplant have coalesced into a strutting, knock-down cosmic rock unit ready to unleash their blistering trip on the world!

WhiteNails is an electric six-piece who jams amped-up rock full of thick riffs and vintage swagger.  Magnetic Eye is stoked to add them to the roster, and can't wait to release their debut album, First Trip, on May 26.

Keep an eye out in the next month as we premier songs from the album, and check them out on Bandcamp right here! (https://whitenails.bandcamp.com/album/first-trip)


GHASTLY SOUND continues their unstoppable piledrive into our hearts and minds with the the new vinyl version of their debut EP.

After making a pretty big splash via digital-only, we at MER and the band all realized this sh*t was just too good not to put on wax.

Hence, Ghastly Sound's debut is now available as a super-sweet trans-red/black/splatter 7-inch, in stock and ready to land on the waiting face of your ever-hungry-for-new-tunes turntable.

Metal Insider (http://www.metalinsider.net/premieres/ep-premiere-ghastly-sound-stream-noisy-hooky-guitarless-ep) says, "If you’re a fan of Whores., Every Time I Die, KEN Mode or Kylesa, you’ve got a new favorite band."

Invisible Oranges (http://www.invisibleoranges.com/ghastly-sound-cuttlefish-video-premiere/) calls Ghastly Sound, "A powerful and unique take on what a rock band can be in 2017."

And New Noise (http://newnoisemagazine.com/review-ghastly-sound-self-titled/) raves, "Ghastly Sound have come out of seemingly nowhere to release one of the most exciting EPs of the year."

Take a listen and pick up your copy of this ultra-limited 7-inch while it lasts by clicking the Bandcamp player below:
a powerful and unique take on what a rock band can be in 2017

Read More: Ghastly Sound – “Cuttlefish” (Video Premiere) (http://www.invisibleoranges.com/ghastly-sound-cuttlefish-video-premiere/?trackback=tsmclip) | http://www.invisibleoranges.com/ghastly-sound-cuttlefish-video-premiere/?trackback=tsmclip"A powerful and unique take on what a rock band can be in 2017."
We recently learned about a concept called "Information Blindness," a technical-sounding term to describe daily the bombardment of media, news, and info via social channels that we all get buried under, making it next to impossible to process any of it.

With that in mind, we have tons more to tell you about, like the new 5-song Fun Limbo 7-inch EP from The Nopes coming in May, and the long-awaited debut full-length from I Am Become Death due in June, plus several other upcoming projects we're incredibly excited about... but we want to be a little island of riff-filled serenity, not part of the endless ocean of noise.

As such, we'll leave you with these last couple items:


Magentic Eye is rolling out a new webstore via the fine folks at MerchNow, which will eventually be a great place to get all our latest titles plus a selection of offerings from bands and labels we simply think are cool and worth exposing to the world (meaning you).  Upcoming additions include stuff from Horseburner, Wounded Giant, and Year of the Cobra, for instance.
The MER MerchNow store is open for business now, though it still has yet to be populated with the entirety of our catalog as well as the forthcoming curated offerings.  Still, if you notice something out of stock at our Bandcamp store, we suggest you get in the habit of checking magneticeyerecords.merchnow.com (http://magneticeyerecords.merchnow.com/) to see if there isn't still a copy or two available there (like the rapidly dwindling OBI edition of the new Summoner LP, for example).  We'll keep you posted on the store's progress in the meantime!

Many of you supported our Kickstarter for THE WALL [REDUX], the massive project with artists like The Melvins, ASG, Pallbearer, Greenleaf, and our own Summoner, WhiteNails, and Ghastly Sound re-imagining the classic Floyd album from end to end.  (And again, to those who did... thank you!)

If by some chance you didn't get in on it during the month-long campaign, the good news is that because of the scope and colossal interest in this project, we've set up an option to reserve copies of the limited first edition via our website at merhq.net/store/ (http://www.merhq.net/store/)

Don't worry, those wise enough to jump on the Kickstarter received the best pricing and access to campaign-only exclusives, but now those who couldn't move that fast won't miss out on what's sure to be a landmark release.  In other words, tell your friends who (like us) are dying to hear some of the greatest bands in heavy rock cover one of the greatest albums of all time that it isn't too late!

As always, thanks for reading!  Any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch at contact@merhq.net (mailto:contact@merhq.net) for anything whatsoever.
Follow:  Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MagneticEyeRecords/) / Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/magneticeyerecords/) / Twitter (https://twitter.com/magnetic_eye)
Order:  Bandcamp (http://store.merhq.com/) / MerchNow (http://magneticeyerecords.merchnow.com/)


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