9 Yeas Later, New Music from Label Founder, Mike Vitali!

Hi, this is Mike, the label founder. Some of you might know me and know that I was in Ironweed, Great Day for Up and Ajna Chakra prior to starting the label. I had started the label as a musician wanting to help myself and others by making a better label that is heavily focused on vinyl and the album jackets in addition to obviously releasing music that is worth listening to and owning.

Well, after 9 years of being short on money and time due to working hard and round the clock on growing the label’s profile and brand, it has finally happen. A new record from a new band that I started. The band is called ‘Black Electric’. As I took on drumming, singing and writing the album I kept my sights simple and low - I wanted to deliver heavy stoner blues along the lines of what Jimi’s Band of Gypsys were up to, along with ZZ Top, QotSA and others. Here is a link to the record on bandcamp - https://theblackelectric.bandcamp.com/album/black-electric

and a link to Apple Music / iTunes if that is more your place to consume music -


Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/album/1D5LIcRpiNTfR0pNT4S2Wi

Alright, I hope you can dig the songs. MV