ELEPHANT TREE S/T Crushes Everything in Sight

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With that in mind, here’s an overdue but still extremely-relevant update:

Elephant Tree - Elephant Tree released 4.22.16

Sometimes a record comes out and, almost instantly, the band becomes one of your favorites.  We’re biased, but we believe to our core that Elephant Tree’s new self-titled album (MER043) of psychedelic, swinging doom will do that for you.

Early press seemed to concur…

The Ripple Effect calls the record “A welcome assault... highly recommended for fans of the lofty pinnacle that great doom can occasionally reach."

J.J. from The Obelisk says it’s “One of this year’s most satisfying debut full-lengths, currently holding my top spot for debut of the year.”

Italy’s Rumore Magazine says, “Aphoric Blues è la perfetta Alice in Wizard.”  (We can’t read Italian, but we’re positive that’s a compliment.)

Having just completed a string of UK shows with Mars Red Sky, Elephant Tree is rapidly ascending into the wider consciousness of the heavy music underground, and deservedly so.  But don’t take our word for it – take a listen!