Here is the deal world, if you care. This is Mike. I start a 10 day vacation tomorrow - my first time off in 4 years. Remember, I work full time in real life to support my vinyl record label running insane idea shoot for the moon adventure. And all of you are right there with me, supporting Magnetic Eye every step of the way. So, thank you for that.

Anyways, I am starting to plan my vision for MER for 2020. Here is the rough sketch idea - subject to change.

52 releases. 1 a week. WTF!

lots of VINYL and NEW MUSIC. 1 new release from a current roster artist, 1 Redux album, 1 release from a new signing, 1 Best of Redux album. Repeat 12 times. You know, we can ALWAYS DECIDE TO DO MORE. Or Change the approach. HOWEVER THIS IS WHAT I AM THINKING WOULD RULE. NEW MUSIC EVERY WEEK, A CONVERSATION ALL YEAR LONG. Let us all use music as a tool to DROWNOUT THE SHITSTORM BS that has been blocking out the sun. I am looking at you over there, and you Scamify.

Anyway, you already know we have Dirt REDUX - I’m now shooting for Jan, Vol. 4 - February, and how about AC FUCKING DC;’s BACK IN BLACK. Thoughts?

If you’re as crazy as me, and say LETS DO THIS, you can preorder and watch for the mail drop MARCH 2020.