Vol 4 Redux is in the works!

Hello everyone, we just wanted to announce that if you had not noticed we are in the middle of creating a Vol. 4 Redux album. Sabbath worship.

Today we announced Zakk Sabbath is contributing a track to the record. We are psyched! Vol. 4 Redux is a labor of love for everyone involved. All fellow musician who all share a deep love of Black Sabbath, what Black Sabbath created, and specifically, the way ahead of it’s time classic Vol. 4 record.

This record has directly influenced nearly everything worth listening to that is heavy. I mean, a CLASSIC. Okay, here’s a blurb from our announcement of Zakk Sabbath joining the record and a few teasers regarding the rest of the bands we are in discussions with.

Beyond excited to announce that the mighty Zakk Sabbath is confirmed for a track on Vol. 4 Redux! The Riff Lords have blessed our efforts at Heavy Sabbath Worship. 🏻

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Zakk Sabbath