For those about to melt...

SOMNURI's Staggeringly Brilliant Self-titled LP  Ultra-Limited First Pressing on Tasteful, Classic Black Vinyl

SOMNURI's Staggeringly Brilliant Self-titled LP
Ultra-Limited First Pressing on Tasteful, Classic Black Vinyl

What's There to Say that Bon Scott Didn't Already Say Better? 

Oh boy... summer is almost here.  Time to cut the legs off your pants, fill up the kiddie pool with ice, and burn down your backyard barbecue with some heat from Magnetic Eye.

Our massive re-imagining of Pink Floyd’s classic THE WALL [Redux] is just about to go into production and wow, this monster keeps on surprising us.  Hell, just today we received the near-final version of Pallbearer's take on the iconic Run Like Hell, and daaaaaaaamn.  Who would've guessed that one of today's most glaciel doom bands would somehow channel a fistful of Maiden in paying homage to Floyd?  It's got to be heard to be believed, and for those who've been patiently waiting for what feels like a frickin' eternity, we salute you, because this thing is about to rock.

Till then, though, if you haven't checked out the previous releases in our Redux serious, take advantage of our Mother's Day sale to dive headfirst into ELECTRIC LADYLAND [Redux] and MEANTIME [Redux].  Neither era nor genre is a barrier to paying solemn, riff-filled tribute to major records from the depths of rock history, and these are two prime examples.  If you haven't heard them, why not now?

And did we say sale?  Yup, that's right, use the case-sensitive promo code "momsrock" at our Bandcamp store for 30% off all purchases for the next week or so. 

Why?  Because moms rock!  Who else loved you through all those years putting up with your loud music or your unlistenable band  before you learned to play your instruments?  Take advantage of our Mother’s Day sale and remind her how much of your shit she put up with (or, you know, just get something for yourself).

And if you need a little direction, how about this - we're running an ADDITIONAL special on two of the best records we've ever put out:  the color-in-color splatter variantof the aforementioned MEANTIME [Redux], and the purple smoke variant of Summoner's Beyond the Realm of Light gatefold LP have both been *dramatically* marked down for a limited time. 

Why these?  Why now?  Because it's more important to us that you hear these phenomenal records than that we make a anything off them.  At this point, we're ready to LOSE OUR SHIRTS just to make sure, as we're filing our chapter 11 paperwork, that somewhere out there, you're listening to Rosetta completely own "Like I Care" or the boys from Summoner out-Baroness Baroness with the anthemic title track off their latest album.  

Seriously, if you didn't dedicate a serious portion of 2017 to Beyond the Realm of Light, it's time take advantage of this embarrassingly ridiculous deal and do your ears and soul a favor and get it blasting into your world.  There's nothing it's not perfect for.  The drive to work.  Your first communion.  A séance.  The pop-up sushi bar opening downtown.  Various mitzvahs.  Whatever the occasion, Summoner should be the soundtrack and we're basically paying you to invite their gorgeous record into your life.

Happy Mother's Day, you filthy animals.  We'll see you on the other side.

Magnetic Eye Records
May 10, 2018


On the Road

If you're reading this, there's about an 8 out of 10 chance you're in Europe or the eastern United States.  Which means that, right now, in a city (or small, US state-sized country) near you, either Howling Giant or Year of the Cobra is about to perform.

Image 5-11-18 at 3.00 PM.jpg

For about two and a half weeks in May, Howling Giant will be ripping up the US east coast and near-coastal cities with a string of dates to break in a new bassist and continue delivering the goods on their last EP.   Metal Injection recently premiered the Pink Floyd track Howling Giant cut for our Best of Pink Floyd companion record to THE WALL [Redux], so it only seems right that if you're in one of the following cities, you make a serious effort to go get your face melted:

5.10 – Chicago IL @ Reggies
5.11 – Cincinnati OH @ Chameleon Pizza
5.12 – Pittsburgh PA @ Howler’s
5.16 – Easthampton MA @ The Ohm
5.17 – Wallingford CT @ Cherry Street Station
5.18 – Philadelphia PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
5.19 – York PA @ The Depot
5.20 – Frederick MD @ Guido’s
5.22 – Baltimore @ The Depot
5.23 – Washington DC @ Atlas Brew Works
5.24 – Raleigh NC @ Slim’s
5.25 – Wilmington VA @ Reggies 42nd Street Tavern
5.26 – Asheville NC @ Sly Grog

On the other hand, if you're in Europe (where we often kinda wish we were, too), then you better be planning to haul your cultured, multilingual ass out to see Year of the Cobra.  It feels like we say this just about every time we remember to write one of these newsletters, and that's probably because this crazy melodic doom duo tours a lot.  Like, A LOT.  But they don't get over to Europe quite as often, which makes it important, no, IMPERATIVE, that you get yourself to one of the gigs they're playing with tour-mates TOKE in the coming month:

5/11/18: Oslo, NO @ Krosset
5/12/18: Malmo, SE @ Plan B
5/13/18: Kiel, DE @ Kieler Schaubude
5/15/18: Berlin, DE @ Zukunft
5/16/18: Slavonice, CH @ barak
5/17/18: Warsaw PL @ Hydrozagadka
5/18/18: Gdansk PL @ Protokultura
5/19/18: Wroclaw PL @ Ciemna Strona Miasta
5/20/18: Wien, AT @ Venster99
5/21/18: Salzburg, AT @ Rockhouse
5/22/18: Dresden DE @ Ostpol
5/23/18: Bregenz AT @ Between
5/24/18: Freiburg DE @ White Rabbit
5/25/18: Olten CH @ Le coq D’Or
5/26/18: Paris, FR @ L’international
5/27/18: Bristol, UK @ The Old England
5/28/18: London UK @ The Black Heart
5/29/18: Lille France @ TBA
5/30/18: Strasbourg, FR @ Molodoï
5/31/18: Wurzburg, DK @ Immerhin
6/1/18: Utrecht NL @ Db’s
6/2/18: Netphen, DE @ Freak Valley Festival


So there you go.  Between our sale, the ever-looming prospect of THE WALL [Redux] eventually coming out, and quality bands blowing the doors off clubs on multiple continents, that ought to keep you busy for a few days or so. 

Our advice?  Turn off your push notifications, crank up the riffs, and stay off Twitter. 

That's what we're gonna do, anyway.