Continuing our REDUX release series, in which MER chooses an iconic album and gathers an assortment of fantastic bands to re-imagine and cover its songs from end to end, we're rabid to announce our latest foray:  THE WALL [REDUX].

Our first was ELECTRIC LADYLAND [REDUX], with bands like Earthless, All Them Witches, Mothership, Summoner, and Elephant Tree paying heed to the godfather of guitar gods, Jimi Hendrix.  Then, last year, we unleashed MEANTIME [REDUX], with Ken Mode, Meek is Murder, Fuck the Facts, Rosetta and other modern heavies taking on the Helmet hardcore classic.

THE WALL [REDUX] is both a tribute to the seminal Pink Floyd masterpiece as well as a combined acknowledgement of and protest to the current political chaos around the world and especially here at home...

Is this a Wall we can build together?  To preorder and support this project, get in early and back us on @kickstarter at - currently in progress.  Bands, artists, and other details will be announced over the coming weeks on our social media pages!