Okay, that may not be totally true, but it wouldn't be completely out of character either.

THE NOPES are a loud, noisy, ugly East bay outfit who grind out frenzied spazz-punk ditties about shitty day jobs, scraping by in the city, bánh mì sandwiches and death.

These herky-jerky, fuzz-addled schizos dropped their first digital EP (Nectar of the Dogs) in 2015.  Despite immediate acclaim, they thought they could do better. 

Debut full-length Never Heard of It (Street Date Oct. 14, 2016) is the result, and sees The Nopes continue their raw, unhinged drive forward.

Here's some of the quality stuff that was said about them last time around:

“The Bay Area’s well of great scuzzy garage rock never seems to run dry. Add to the list of Thee Oh Sees, Mikal Cronin, Ty Segall, et al, young Oaklanders The Nopes and their Warheads candy formula: lo-fi sourness on the outside, pure melodic sugar underneath.”
- Consequence of Sound

“Fueled by wanton sugar intake, Bowie, corner store liquor and well-worn copies of Negative FX and Bad Brains vinyl, The Nopes produce blasts of raw punk energy that explode out of a vacuum into guitar-buzz, amp fuzz and juvenile delinquency, hearts burning with the fun and fury of being young, gifted and ultimately unaccountable.”


The Nopes appear as themselves in the upcoming indie film Disaffected Youth (news on that as we receive it), and will support Never Heard of It with a month of high-energy gigs across the USA throughout October:

10/05 (Wed): Redding, CA @ Caldwell

10/06 (Thur): Eugene, OR @ The Ant House

10/07 (Fri): Portland, OR @ The Know

10/08 (Sat): Seattle, WA *2 shows - early @ Lucky Liquor Tavern and late @ Victory Lounge

10/09 (Sun) Olympia, WA @ Lucky Lanes

10/10 (Mon) Eugene, CA @ The Boreal

10/12 (Wed) Boise, ID @ Baby Sale

10/13 (Thur) Logan, Utah @ Why Sound

10/14 (Fri) Grand Junction, CO @ Baron’s Bar

10/15 (Sat) Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis 

10/16 (Sun) Tulsa, OK @ a bar with White Mystery 

10/18 (Tues) Austin, TX @ Beerland

10/19 (Wed) San Antonio, TX @ tba

10/20 (Thur) El Paso, TX @ tba

10/21 (Fri) Phoenix, AZ @ Time Out Lounge

10/22 (Sat) San Diego, CA @ Tower Bar

10/23 (Sun) Fullerton, CA @ Continental Room

10/24 (Mon) San Luis Obispo, CA @ Dustin’s Pace

10/30 (Sun) San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill

Pre-order Never Heard of It now via Bandcamp.