We are indescribably stoked and honored to announce the newest addition to the MER stable:  Sweden’s DOMKRAFT.  A bit of background on them:

The seeds for monolithic Stockholm band DOMKRAFT were planted in Gothenburg, where bassist/singer Martin Wegeland and guitarist Martin Widholm met while studying film.  They bonded over the likes of Spacemen 3, Monster Magnet, Sleep and Hawkwind, not to mention a fascination with 10-minute/three chord songs).  Playing in various musical constellations, together and apart, each eventually moved to Stockholm. 

Independently, drummer Anders Dahlgren, who had established his chops playing a form of slow-burning proto-post metal that was perhaps too far ahead of its time, had also moved to Stockholm from Gothenburg.  Having once actually shared a rehearsal space in their former home, the three finally came together in Stockholm, and drew from the heaviest of their combined influences to cultivate a spacious yet crushing approach based on cyclical, pounding grooves.

After years spent shaping and crafting their sound, DOMKRAFT at long last released its debut EP in late 2015, which was called “A fascinating and organic meditation that mourns in the soul” (El Coyote) and “a haunting, distant voice and underlying psychedelic mood” (Downtuned).   Check it out here for a sampling of their unique vibe:

DOMKRAFT, whose name combines the Swedish “DOM” for judgement and “KRAFT” for power, blasts forth towering dirges of annihilating doom, mindbending psychedelia, and hypnotic minimalism. 

From Loop to Sleep, Sabbath to Neu!, Hawkwind to Neurosis and Swans to Spacemen 3, the DOMKRAFT sound is an unsettling mix of grinding riffs, blistering power, and inexorable motion.  Their forthcoming Magnetic Eye full-length, The End of Electricity, promises to decimate in a way that their debut EP only hinted at.  Says Martin Wegeland:

“Our songs build from the same stem; one riff, played LOUD, and then we just try to add and lose parts to mold it all into something powerful.  We also focus on the dramaturgy of the song, rather than classic song structures, and have clear images in mind when writing.  Inspiration was taken from films like Jake Paltrow's Young Ones, Stephen Fingleton's The Survivalist and The Road Warrior.  Of course, everyone takes inspiration from films, but we'd never allow that to be at the expense of groove and energy.  The results of our songwriting approach may differ in shape from one song to the next, but the foundation is always the same – repetition and volume!  You'll eventually get sick of every melody, but grooves are forever.”

Couldn’t be happier to have DOMKRAFT as part of the Magnetic Eye family.  Stay tuned for more on the late 2016 release date for The End of Electricity!