9 Yeas Later, New Music from Label Founder, Mike Vitali!

Hi, this is Mike, the label founder. Some of you might know me and know that I was in Ironweed, Great Day for Up and Ajna Chakra prior to starting the label. I had started the label as a musician wanting to help myself and others by making a better label that is heavily focused on vinyl and the album jackets in addition to obviously releasing music that is worth listening to and owning.

Well, after 9 years of being short on money and time due to working hard and round the clock on growing the label’s profile and brand, it has finally happen. A new record from a new band that I started. The band is called ‘Black Electric’. As I took on drumming, singing and writing the album I kept my sights simple and low - I wanted to deliver heavy stoner blues along the lines of what Jimi’s Band of Gypsys were up to, along with ZZ Top, QotSA and others. Here is a link to the record on bandcamp - https://theblackelectric.bandcamp.com/album/black-electric

and a link to Apple Music / iTunes if that is more your place to consume music -


Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/album/1D5LIcRpiNTfR0pNT4S2Wi

Alright, I hope you can dig the songs. MV

These poles were made for meltin' and that's just what they'll do...

All the latest news about Magnetic Eye's killer bands and mindblowing new releases!

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HORSEHUNTER "Horsehunter" Gatefold LP
Translucent Red with Black Splatter
Order Here

As we drag our sweating carcasses for cover during what news reports are calling a "heat wave," but what those of us familiar with climate science refer to as "July in 2019," the most appealing thing we can imagine is a comfortable air-conditioned space and a stack of killer records three fingers thick to spin late into the sweltering night.

Well, and an ice-cold beverage.

And snacks.

And maybe re-runs of Deadwood.

What were we talking about?

Right, records!

Anyway, our record news is big and quick this week, so let's get right to it:

- All preorders for the new Horsehunter album have now shipped, and as you can see from the lovely photo above, the vinyl variants turned out spectacular (as usual). If you were biding your time and waiting to jump on this one (understandably, since production time on this project seemed to move at the speed of Sleep's Dopesmoker), you can now be assured that if you order this phenomenal piece of crushing riff-art, it will be winging its way to you in short order.

- On the topic of new albums, besides the new banger from Leather Lung dropping in August (preorders here), we can now confirm that Ghastly Sound's debut full-length, Have a Nice Day, will be landing on September 13th. The art turned out pretty bomb as well, have a look:

- As we mentioned last week, Magnetic Eye's MerchNow shophas been revamped with a new user-friendly look and re-stocks of some of our latest and best stuff, including copies of the new 'Anxious Ghosts' EP from Low Flying Hawks. Our special promotion with MerchNow to offer 25% off all Magnetic Eye Records and Cats on Amps merch and vinyl continues through July when you use the discount code “MER25JULY” at checkout at merchnow.com/catalogs/magnetic-eye-records andmerchnow.com/catalogs/cats-on-amps. Chances are you'll do a little online shopping while hiding from the heat anyway, so be sure to take advantage!

- Lastly, we wanted to share some live dates from two of our latest signings, because this new crop of MER heavies is all about getting on the road and bringing the riffs to the people.

Specifically, we've got a run of dates from Leather Lung you'll want to be hip to (especially since they're playing at no less than THREE serious music fests), and a lengthy tour from Caustic Casanova, who'll be road-testing some of the new material from their forthcoming album (details soon), so be sure and get out to see both these bands if they're playing anywhere near your local rock haunts:

Leather Lung live:

  • Saturday, July 27th - Boston, MA - Grub, Sweat and Beers Volume 5 (Day 1)

  • Sunday, Sept 1st - Montague, MA - RPM Fest (Day 3)

  • Wednesday, Sept 18th - New York City - Ode to Doom Fest (Arlene's Grocery)

  • Thursday, Sept 19th - Montclair, NJ - The Meat Locker

  • Friday, Sept 20th - Washington D.C. - Atlas Beer Works

  • Saturday, Sept 21st - Richmond VA - Champion Brewing

  • Sunday, Sept 22nd - Pittsburgh, PA - Descendants of Crom Fest

Caustic Casanova August and September tour dates:

  • 8-7 Chapel Hill, NC at Local 506

  • 8-8 Greenville, SC at Radio Room

  • 8-9 Johnson City, TN at The Hideaway

  • 8-10 Lexington, KY at Best Friend Bar

  • 8-11 Nashville, TN at Springwater

  • 8-12 Memphis, TN at Pagan Mom House

  • 8-13 Wichita, KS at Kirby's

  • 8-14 Saint Louis, MO at The Sinkhole

  • 8-15 Lawrence, KS at Replay Lounge

  • 8-16 Denver, CO at Tennyson's Tap

  • 8-17 El Paso, TX at Neon Rose

  • 8-20 San Diego, CA at Tower Bar

  • 8-21 Long Beach, CA at Que Sera

  • 8-22 Oakland, CA at Elbo Room

  • 8-23 Pacifica, CA at Winters Tavern

  • 8-24 Sacramento, CA at Cafe Colonial

  • 8-27 Portland, OR at Tonic Lounge

  • 8-28 Seattle, WA at High Dive

  • 8-29 Post Falls, ID at Cruisers

  • 8-30 Great Falls, MT at The Back Alley Pub

  • 8-31 Kalispell, MT at Old School Records

  • 9-4 Milwaukee, WI at Walkers Point Music Hall

  • 9-5 Chicago, IL at Livewire Lounge

  • 9-6 Youngstown, OH at Westside Bowl (Black Out Cook Out with Inter Arma, Big Business, Child Bite, Brain Tentacles, Ken Mode, Lo-Pan, etc)

  • 9-13 Shepherdstown, WV at Shepherd University

  • 9-14 Burlington, VT at Monkey House (with Ghastly Sound, Barishi)

  • 9-20 Bloomington, IN at TBA

  • 9-21 Dubuque, IA at TBA

  • 9-22 Indianapolis, IN at Melody Inn

  • 9-23 Louisville, KY at Highlands Tap Room

  • 9-27 Brooklyn, NY at Gold Sounds Bar

That's all for this week, magnetites. See you when the sun goes down.

- Magnetic Eye Records, July 19, 2019


Here is the deal world, if you care. This is Mike. I start a 10 day vacation tomorrow - my first time off in 4 years. Remember, I work full time in real life to support my vinyl record label running insane idea shoot for the moon adventure. And all of you are right there with me, supporting Magnetic Eye every step of the way. So, thank you for that.

Anyways, I am starting to plan my vision for MER for 2020. Here is the rough sketch idea - subject to change.

52 releases. 1 a week. WTF!

lots of VINYL and NEW MUSIC. 1 new release from a current roster artist, 1 Redux album, 1 release from a new signing, 1 Best of Redux album. Repeat 12 times. You know, we can ALWAYS DECIDE TO DO MORE. Or Change the approach. HOWEVER THIS IS WHAT I AM THINKING WOULD RULE. NEW MUSIC EVERY WEEK, A CONVERSATION ALL YEAR LONG. Let us all use music as a tool to DROWNOUT THE SHITSTORM BS that has been blocking out the sun. I am looking at you over there, and you Scamify.

Anyway, you already know we have Dirt REDUX - I’m now shooting for Jan, Vol. 4 - February, and how about AC FUCKING DC;’s BACK IN BLACK. Thoughts?

If you’re as crazy as me, and say LETS DO THIS, you can preorder and watch for the mail drop MARCH 2020.





New MER Signings, Endless Volume!!!!!!!

From our newsletter last night which covered our signing of Leather LungBrume and Caustic Casanova!!!!!

Get psyched!

LEATHER LUNG joins us after label and band circled each other for a good two years, thanks to the continued efforts of Summoner singer (and ‪Deafheaven‬ bassist) Chris Johnson to make a love connection. At last…

Read More

Earthless added to Best of Black Sabbath Redux Companion Record to Vol. 4!

Wedneday, March 20th! San Diego's Mighty Psychedelic Rockers Earthless!

As we set out to ready a 13 band Best of Black Sabbath we are beyond excited to announce that San Diego's Earthless are joining our efforts. So, as we mentioned yesterday, if you have already pledged you can increase your pledge by the amount listed below to increase your rewards to include a Best of Black Sabbath Redux featuring Earthless and more TBA!

available via our site at MERHQ.Net


Vol. 4 Redux Track List as of Today.

Here is the tentative assignments and track listing for MER - Various Artists - Vol. 4 Redux. Due out 4.2020.

1. THOU - Wheels of Confusion / The Straightener
2. THE OBSESSED - Tomorrow's Dream 
3. HIGH REEPER - Changes
5. SPIRIT ADRIFT - Supernaut
6. BONGZILLA - Snowblind
7. WHORES - Cornucopia
8. TONY REED - Laguna Sunrise
9. HAUNT - St. Vitus Dance 
10. ZAKK SABBATH - Under the Sun / Every Day Comes and Goes

THESE BEASTS Song Premiere With New Noise!

New Noise bring you the premiere of These Beasts’ new song “End of the Whip” (listen below). The track is taken from the band;s forthcoming self-titled EP, which is scheduled to be released on March 22, 2019 through Magnetic Eye Records. You can pre-order the album here.

Visit https://newnoisemagazine.com/stream-these-beasts-end-whip/ to read the piece and to hear “End of the Whip”.

These Beasts

Radical Stuff, Star Date March 7, 2019


As you may know, we are working on a Kickstarter for a compilation in which various artists cover Vol. 4 in full. This is the next redux record in our series. Here is an update taken from our Kickstarter page.

So, here we go, a summary of the progress we have made in the past 6 days in creating the right mix of bands to pay proper tribute to Black Sabbath's Vol. 4 record. 

First, you need to know that legendary heavy metal band The Obsessed lead by Scott “Wino” Weinrich has been confirmed as participating in the label’s reimagining Black Sabbath’s heavy metal classic, Vol. 4. Sick!


The Obsessed

Also added is Beastmaker vocalist/guitarist Trevor William Church, band Haunt. Haunt has a new record called If Icarus Could Fly scheduled for May 17, as well as a new EP called Mosaic Visions due recently released January 14. Mosaic Visions is the four songs that were left unfinished for Haunt's 2017 debut EP Luminous Eyes, while If Icarus Could Fly is all new material plus the band's Decibel FlexiDisc single "Ghosts."



Also announced during the past week is Phoenix, Arizona's Spirit Adrift. Featuring founding guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Nate Garrett, and members of Goya, the band worked with Sanford Parker on their most recent release from 2017 titled "Curse Of Conception".

spirit adrift admat.JPG


Vol 4 Redux is in the works!

Hello everyone, we just wanted to announce that if you had not noticed we are in the middle of creating a Vol. 4 Redux album. Sabbath worship.

Today we announced Zakk Sabbath is contributing a track to the record. We are psyched! Vol. 4 Redux is a labor of love for everyone involved. All fellow musician who all share a deep love of Black Sabbath, what Black Sabbath created, and specifically, the way ahead of it’s time classic Vol. 4 record.

This record has directly influenced nearly everything worth listening to that is heavy. I mean, a CLASSIC. Okay, here’s a blurb from our announcement of Zakk Sabbath joining the record and a few teasers regarding the rest of the bands we are in discussions with.

Beyond excited to announce that the mighty Zakk Sabbath is confirmed for a track on Vol. 4 Redux! The Riff Lords have blessed our efforts at Heavy Sabbath Worship. 🏻

Back/preorder http://kck.st/2U2g98X
Dislike Kickstarter, go here https://www.merhq.net/store/vol-4-preorders
 #vol4 #vol4redux #magneticeyerecords

Zakk Sabbath