1. Kōfuku
2. Now, Apocalypse
3. Seafloor Fathoms
4. Fading Sun
5. White Temple
6. Kokkai
7. Ruins
8. Wolves Within Wolves
9. Till the Night Meets the Light
10. Destruction Complete




Low Flying Hawks is a project led by enigmatic Mexican multi-instrumentalists EHA and AAL, and features Trevor Dunn (Mr Bungle, Melvins) and Dale Crover (Melvins, Nirvana).

Kōfuku – from the Japanese word for ‘Surrender’ – features ten confident tracks of funereal doom, corporeal drumming, gray echoes and psychedelic waves of post-rock disorder.

Working with producer Toshi Kasai (Big Business) at Sounds of Sirens studio in LA, the band created a work that explores profound themes of loss and rebirth amid dramatic hefts in mood and guitar play that switch between seismic drone, noise-rock and shoegaze.

Informed by diverse influences that include Richard D. James, Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, and bands such as Black Sabbath and My Bloody Valentine, Kōfuku is compellingly dark in content and undeniably heavy in tone.


"A debut of staggering depth and unflinching beauty, turning granite-hewn doom and sludge into a life-shaping force." - Music & Riots Online


"At times seriously intense, at other times delicate and atmospheric - there’s plenty of light and shade here.  This is dark, brooding, despairing, intense and powerful stuff." - Uber Rock


"Every track evolves upon the next, as if celebrating the traits of its ancestors and making its own mark on the landscape, building upon each like the waves of a storm. And every passing current is worth surrendering to. A cataclysmically good album." - The Sleeping Shaman


"Low Flying Hawks have cultivated a cohesive, disciplined attack right out of the gate.  Kōfuku is a copious dish, its heft subtly building into a conclusion of mauling waves of distorted density that lend validity to their shoegaze inclination." - The Vinyl District


"Kofuku, the debut from Mexican post-metal duo Low Flying Hawks, plays like the mournful cries of a dying world — dirges for the depressed, by the depressed. But to simply call Kofuku another doom album is flat out wrong. If anything, it’s the other way around: shoegaze with elements of metal.  They’re a thinker’s metal band, opting to darkly soothe rather than ferociously shred." -


"Across the ten tracks that make up Kōfuku, Low Flying Hawks combine sludge, doom and, with trademark murky guitars and vocals, shoegaze to wonderful effect... an uplifting moment of respite in the dark night of the soul." - Terrorizer


"From the first note to the last, the band sets the pace to slow.  They effectively grind out cavernous, reverb-laden expositions that are as influenced by post-rock as they are doom and sludge.... it's easy to get utterly transfixed." - Rock-a-Rolla


"Keeping an even, mastodons-on-the-march pace throughout, the album proceeds as a stream, flowing from depths to soaring heights with fluidic grace, while its subtle grasp of tonal shade and nuance utilises emptiness, coarse roars and fleeting moments of respite to drag your spirit through the wringer and out the other side. It's still bloody heavy, and it's never an easy ride, but you'd be hard-pushed to find a more affecting doom record these days." - Music & Riots Magazine