ELEPHANT TREE - Elephant Tree

Elephant Tree



1. Spore
2. Wither
3. Dawn
4. Circles
5. Aphotic Blues
6. Echoes
7. Fracture
8. Surma




In late 2015, Northern English melodic doom quartet Elephant Tree entered Paul Epworth’s Church Studios in Crouch End, London with an album's worth of ambitious new compositions harvested from a tireless year of live shows in the UK and across Europe.

Elephant Tree's second titanic volume of metal, rock and progressively heavy psychedelic doom was produced by the band with assistance from Adam Durbridge (and tracked on the original Neve console that Pink Floyd famously used to record Wish You Were Here) and mixed by renowned engineer Matt Wiggins (U2, The Pop Group, Foster The People) in less than a week.


"Elephant Tree are masters of combining gloomy atmosphere with head-bobbing grooves... It's truly a mind-numbing and nirvana-like experience to hear this talented band do their thing." - Metal Injection


"Molten heaviness, memorable songwriting and a sense of overarching cohesion that I have no doubt will make it one of this still-new year’s most satisfying debut full-lengths." - The Obelisk


"A celestial roller coaster ride, all you can do is gaze around you in awe, mouth agape as you become swathed in cosmic gossamer. Listening to Elephant Tree, you imagine stars collapsing all around you, being violently sucked into Black Holes and then gently cradled back to freedom." - The Doom Charts


"A bewitching amalgam of crushing weight and heartfelt melody. Fresh as a breeze, heavy as a mountain troll, and bloody addictive." - Ghost Cult Magazine


"Their prismatic approach to songwriting seamlessly combines elements of grunge, blues, and psych with Sabbathian archetypes, achieving an expansive, novel sound that distinguishes them from the pack." - Doomed and Stoned


"Elephant Tree have taken the base elements of stoner rock and mixed it with their own take on psych to create an album that simply gets better with every listen. It’s little nuances jump out and surprise you whilst its underbelly is laced with tremendous heaviness." - Echoes and Dust

"Dynamic and diverse, full of heavy and hyptonic riffs, a challenging and quite good journey." - Music & Riots Magazine