Magnetic Eye

Magnetic Eye Records is a New York-based record label founded in 2011 by Greatdayforup and Ironweed guitarist Mike Vitali.

The company grew out of a lifelong love of musicianship, artistry and study of the record business, and was driven by the belief that guiding musicians to survive and thrive should be a key responsibility of any record label.

Mike grew up with a family record collection spanning back to the 1920s, and purchased his first two LP records (Metallica's Ride the Lightning and Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here) as a teenager at the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa. 

As a working musician, Mike experienced the satisfaction of having labels release his music, as well as the thrill of seeing it presented in stunning vinyl form, and conceived Magnetic Eye to extend that opportunity to other artists.  He also wanted to use his industry knowledge to provide artists with an understanding of how to map out successful careers.

Magnetic Eye focuses heavily on deluxe vinyl releases, and boasts an ever-developing roster that includes heavy rock and hardcore artists Sunflo'er, Elephant Tree, Brond, I Am Become Death, The Nopes, Low Flying Hawks, Summoner and Watchtower

The company’s ongoing mission is to work with emerging artists and support their amazing music while revamping perceptions of what record labels are and can be.




About Mike

Born in Manhattan, Mike Vitali has a genetic love for music, artistry, and the city.  As a kid, he was exposed to a grandfather who owned and operated an NYC club and toured as a working musician throughout the 20s and 30s. 

Mike also grew up next door to Billy Joel's longtime drummer Liberty DeVitto, and saw his first concert, Billy Joel performing at Madison Square Garden, at age five.  As he matured, Mike spent his formative years with a first-person view of the work Liberty put into his musicianship and career.

Mike attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, and built up his vinyl collection extensively while working as manager of the Tower Records in Harvard Square, Cambridge.

During the 1990s, Mike founded and performed with the band Ajna Chakra while studying audio engineering at Berklee. 

As part of Ajna Chakra, then Greatdayforup and Ironweed, Mike worked with numerous record labels and saw his bands’ music featured on MTV, CBS, XBox games, films and in other media, leading to his launch of Magnetic Eye Records in 2011. 

The goal in founding his own label was to build an eclectic base from which Mike, along with his friends and co-conspirators, could pursue the creation of their art and deliver it to the world.


Through an unexpected cosmic confluence of entrepreneurial ambition and musical obsession, original MeteorCity and All That’s Heavy co-founder and former label boss Jadd Shickler has joined Magnetic Eye as Director of Label Operations.

Immediately after finishing college in 1997, Jadd and partner Aaron Emmel founded the MeteorCity label and the All That's Heavy online store.  The label's first release was a compilation album titled Welcome to MeteorCity that served as a subtle tribute to Kyuss' landmark Sky Valley album and featured the first worldwide appearances of many young and unsigned stoner rock luminaries, debuting such bands as Sixty Watt Shaman, Lowrider, The Atomic Bitchwax, Dozer, Natas, and numerous others.

MeteorCity was instrumental in helping launch the stoner rock genre and responsible for many of its early landmark releases, including the debut albums from Solace, Blind Dog, John Garcia's Unida, Lowrider, and Truckfighters, as well as releasing music from heavyweights Nebula, Spirit Caravan, The Obsessed, Hermano, and The Atomic Bitchwax, all under Jadd's tenure leading the company.

MeteorCity was sold to in 2007, at which point Jadd stepped away from the record label world.  But after several years pursuing digital marketing and volunteering for a Seattle music-tech startup, he felt himself drawn inexorably back to the scene he'd helped found.

In 2016, while doing some pleasure writing for a couple music blogs, Jadd heard the massive debut full-length from amazing British doom-groove band Elephant Tree.  This brought him in touch with Mike Vitali at the band's label, with whom Jadd immediately bonded and discovered an instant kinship.

Working in music remained Jadd's first professional love, and when Mike made it known that he was looking to expand his team, the moment felt right to return.  Jadd has jumped in with both feet, helping steer Magnetic Eye toward toward increasingly bigger things as Director of Label Operations.